Project Description

SBH’s fall protection railings are a lightweight temporary edge protection system developed for quick, easy, manual installation with a wide range of SBH shoring systems (boxes, trench sheets, H-beams etc). The fall protection railings are supplied in various lengths from 0.5m to 3.5m, with two mounting fixtures. (Various mounting fixture designs are available for the specific products.) The mounting fixtures are infinitely adjustable, and can so be adjusted to different plate and material thicknesses. The individual fall protection railings weigh between 8kg and 38kg, with the mounting fixtures weighing an additional 2.6kg to 3.5kg.

The fall protection railings can be fitted directly to SBH products by two people, by means of the mounting fixtures and clamping bolts. The system fulfils the requirements of BS EN 13374 (2004) Class A ‘Temporary Edge Protection Systems’, and is suitable for use where the maximum site slope is 10°.

Fall protection railings brochure

The excavation trench ladder with cage to secure against falling is the ideal complement for almost all SBH shoring systems, and ensures that workers enter and exit the trench safely. This is a suspendible vertical ladder for entering temporary trenches.

Because trenches have different depths, or the trench depth can change during use, the vertical ladder is combined with a connected leaning ladder, in order to provide the required flexibility.

The standard design is 4m (including one connecting piece). However, a modular construction is also possible, using additional connecting pieces. In this way, the length of the additionally required leaning ladder can be kept as short as possible, in order to guarantee the greatest possible safety.

Excavation safety ladder brochure