Project Description

This new shoring system developed by SBH, represents the first real alternative to conventional soldier pile and lagging shoring (Berliner wall). The special steel soldier piles of the new system are inserted quickly and easily, into cased or not cased vertical drillings, or can be driven directly by a pile driver, at depths of more than 10 meters, without problems.

Common or reinforced shoring plates, which are used with the slide rail systems are used as lagging and are secured in place with the help of bolts. The locking/sliding bolts also deal with any slight deviations in the verticality of the piles.

The above lagging method saves considerable time. In direct comparison to classic Berlin walls, SBH’s system requires 50% less soldier piles, due to the double length of the lagging fields between them. The main advantage of the system lies in the much greater ease of installation and removal, compared to classic methods, as well as to that most of the material can be recovered and reused. All this represents a clear advantage of the system also in the protection of the environment.

If a plate is damaged, it can be 100% recycled. No chemical treatment and sanitary disposal is required as in the case of wood plank lagging.

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