Project Description

The SBH Light Box combines lightweight plate construction with a flexible spindle. This type of shoring is therefore ideal for small to medium-sized trench shoring projects and the use of light – mid weight construction machinery. The shoring system can also be used in unstable soils. Thanks to its flexible spindle, it can also be installed using the cut and lower method.

The Light Box is primarily used for supply lines, house connections and in cable laying.

Compared with the Lightweight Shoring system, a more robust side profile construction enables higher strut clearances, with the spindles meaning it can be used in wider trenches.

max. installation depth up to 4,00 m

trench width 1,11 – 4,39 m

spindle clearance height (hc) 1,27 m

wheel and crawler excavator base box only: 9 – 13t

with top box: 18 – 30t

The dimensions and technical characteristics of the plates, struts and units are shown in the below Pdf files.

Light Box 300 series

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.