Project Description

The Manhole Box is used when wider areas for manholes need to be created in pipeline trenches.

The plate body is U-shaped, with the wings extending 0.40 m into each side of the trench. The result is a manhole unit 0.80 m wider than the trench units.

The areas before and after the manhole unit are secured using normal shoring boxes. The spindles and accessories used are the same as those for the shoring boxes.

max. installation depth up to 4,00 m

trench width 2,00 – 5,28 m

working width 1,78 – 5,06 m

spindle clearance height  (hc) 1,69 m

wheel and crawler excavator 18,0 – 30,0 t

The dimensions and technical characteristics of the plates, struts and units are shown in the below Pdf files.

Manhole Box 600 series

We reserve the right to change technical specifications without prior notice.