Project Description

The Maxi Box enables you to lay pipes with extremely large diameters. This box enables you to realise three strut clearance heights, with the maximum strut clearance height being 2.29m. The top is extremely reinforced, in order to resist the high loads when lowering the shoring box. At the same time, the sturdy plate cutting edge enables even firm soil to be cut away.

To minimise deformation, the side elements feature additional bars. The use of the yellow flexible spindle ensures the shoring can resist the high compressive forces. It is predominantly used for laying supply lines to a depth of up to 4m.

max. installation depth up to 4,00 m

trench width 1,20 – 4,38 m

working width 0,98 – 4,61 m

spindle clearance height (hc) up to 2,29 m

mobile and crawler excavator 18 – 30 t

The dimensions and technical characteristics of the plates, struts and units are shown in the below Pdf files.

Maxi box 630 series brochure

All contents and technical specifications are subject to alterations without prior notice.