Project Description

The 400 series system is a combination of strut supported plates and sheet piles. It is recommended for excavation depths of up to 6.00 m.

It is particularly useful in excavation jobs where shoring must precede excavation, but also in cases where we have to deal with existing networks, transverse to the excavation.

The plates of the system are connected to each other with the common spindle struts (031/085) of the boxes and have sliding slots for light type (KD 6/8) overlapping trench sheets (without interlocks). The plates with the sliding slots ensure the position, distance and verticality of the trench sheets, while in combination with the struts act as their internal support (wallers). Additional internal support, at a greater depth than the plates, can be achieved with the use of extra waller beams and struts.

The trench sheets can be driven with a pile driver or most commonly by pressure from the bucket of the excavator, simultaneously (alternately) to the excavation (cut & lower working method). In addition to their stand-alone use, the 400 series trench sheet units can be used in conjunction with boxes and/or slide rail systems, to address the shoring of existing cross network lines.

They offer variable trench widths from 1.30 to 4.58 m, working widths (between the plates) from 0.76 to 4.04 m and a maximum pipe height clearance (hc) of 2.00 m.

The dimensions and technical characteristics of the plates, struts and units are shown in the below Pdf files.

Pile chamber shoring 400 series brochure

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