Project Description

This is system combines the working ease and speed of a shoring box with the advantages of the rolling strut. It is primary used with the cut & lower working method.

The special feature of this box (“H” shape rolling strut) allows the excavator operator to drive it into the ground, without the strut obstructing the excavator boom and blocking his view to the trench. It also offers increased height clearance below the strut (maximum 2.78 m for plate height 4.00 m), for laying large diameter and long pipes.

SBH’s 780 series shoring plates are produced in two dimensions and feature the “sandwich” construction, with additional integrated cross reinforcements at their tops and blades, which reduce wear and tear and increase their lifespan.

The system offers adjustable trench width from 1.36 up to 6.38 m (working width 1.00 up to 6.00 m) achieved by adding extensions to the struts. Their assembly is easy and fast by using screws and nuts.

The dimensions and technical characteristics of the plates, struts and units are shown in the below Pdf files.

Rolling strut box 780 series brochure

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