Project Description

These flexible systems are mainly used in areas with loose ground conditions, with the cut & lower working method but not only.

The main components of the system are:

The slide rails: single rails 790 series, double standard rails 750 series, double heavy duty rails (Mega version) and double extension (top) rails in standard and Mega version. Also corner slide rails (single, double, Mega and extensions) for four-sided shoring of pit excavations such as pump stations, large manholes, etc.

The struts: Mini RS for single and extension (top) rails, Standard RS for standard double rails and Mega RS for heavy duty Mega double rails. Width extensions are also available for all versions and in various lengths.

The plates: base (height 2.35 m) and extension (height 1.35 m) plates in lengths from 2.00 up to 6.00 m, in normal version (thickness 107 mm) and reinforced (thickness 130 mm). The plates are also available in a cast-in-situ version, for cases that the system will also work as external formwork such us concreting of culvert pipes, channels etc.

Main advantages:

  • Great safety due to that the system is driven into the ground, at the same time with the excavation (cut & lower working method).
  • Continuous shoring with no gaps between the units.
  • Parallel driving of plates and rails in the ground, limits the horizontal disturbance outside the shoring, which occurs when using other types of shoring systems.
  • Relatively low weights for the excavator, due to that the units are assembled within a shallow pre-excavation, at the exact place of the trench.
  • The largest combinations of excavation depths and widths that any shoring system can offer.
  • Robust rails construction allows driving into the ground without protective caps, for higher construction speed.
  • Placing long pipes through the struts, by sliding them into opposite positions.
  • More working space for the excavator boom stick and no obstacles blocking the excavator driver’s view, by lowering the strut during the beginning of installation / excavation.
  • The largest clearance heights on the market for laying large diameter pipes, due to the unique “H” design of the rolling struts.
  • Robust construction of the rolling struts allows pressing them by the excavator, at any part of them, without distortions.
  • Lower working heights needed by suspending the pair of slide rails from the strut, in order to avoid obstacles or networks above the excavation.
  • Plates featuring “sandwich” construction with integrated reinforcements on their tops and knifes, for less wears and tears = longer plate life.
  • Cast-in-situ type plates for using the system as an external formwork, in cases of square pipe, open channel etc constructions.
Single slide rails 790 series brochure
Double slide rails 750 series brochure

All contents and technical specifications are subject to alterations without prior notice.