Project Description

SBH’s 600 series Standard Box is intended for medium trench shoring applications, using the place & adjust and/or the cut & lower working methods. It is designed for use by medium/large sized excavators on relatively dense/loose ground conditions.

The unit’s strengths vary according to the length of plates carried and range from 24.5 to 71.2 kN/m2. The 600 series boxes can carry one or two top (extension) units and their installation depth reaches 5.00 m.

SBH’s 600 series plates feature a sandwich construction, with additional cross reinforcements at their blades and tops. This type of construction enables reduced wear and tear and increases their lifespan.

The given trench widths vary from 1.20 to 4.48 m depending on the number of strut extensions used, while the maximum height clearance under the bottom strut is 1.50 m. SBH’s 031/085 struts are of a reinforced type in order to be able to carry strut extensions in addition one to another (up to 6 pieces or 3.00 m).

The connection of the plates to the struts as well as of the base to the top units is done easy and fast by using bolts and pins.

The dimensions and technical characteristics of the plates, struts and units are shown in the below Pdf files.

600 series brochure

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