Project Description

SBH’s transformation profile combines base and top plates to form a shoring box, whose strut clearance height is roughly the same as the base plate height. This makes it possible to achieve greater strut clearance heights with the same shoring boxes, without having to switch to other types of shoring.

A further advantage is that the box can be transported in individual parts and only assembled into a finished shoring box at the construction site. This means that no special transport is required.

The transformation profile slides over the posts on the base and top plate and pinned in place. Four sturdy, square-profile struts provide the support. The fully integrated spring spindles are pinned to the transformation profile, enabling the shoring box to be installed using the cut and lower method.

Except the a.m. square fixed length struts, SBH’s reinforced yellow spindle struts can be used. In addition, a transformation profile for rolling strut is available. This option will transform the standard box into a rolling strut box.

The dimensions and technical characteristics of the plates, struts and units are shown in the below Pdf files.

600 series with Transformation Profile brochure

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